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Tournament Rules and Info


Robinswood Park Field 1


Date and Time

November 19th 2023

Matches will begin at 11am.


Game Length

2x12 minute halves with a 2 minute half time



Boys 2016

Girls 2016

Boys 2015 and 2014

Girls 2015 and 2014

Boys 2013 and 2012

Girls 2013 and 2012

Roster Size

Min roster size - 4

Max roster size - 8


Teams are obligated to complete the check-in process at the tournament headquarters. Ensure the check-in is done at least 60 minutes before your first match. If team rosters are incomplete and lack proof of birth or rosters, participation in matches will not be allowed until the roster is properly filled out and approved by the tournament director.


  • Proof of birth for players (US Club Roster, US Youth Roster, Copy of Birth Cert, etc...)

  • Proof of Medical Releases


Regardless of weather conditions, coaches and their teams must be present at their designated field site, ready for their scheduled match. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of the match. The sole authority to cancel or postpone a match rests with the Tournament Director. If severe weather occurs after the game starts, the Tournament Director has the authority to shorten the match or even terminate it. If a match is stopped due to weather after 12 minutes of play, the match will be considered official, and the score at that moment will stand. If the stoppage occurs before 12 minutes of play, every effort will be made to complete the match. However, if necessary, alternative methods determined by the Tournament Director may be used to determine a winner. Referees and field officials will not start or continue matches during lightning storms.


The Tournament Director, USFC, and all sponsors are not responsible for any costs incurred by tournament participants in the event of tournament cancellation, regardless of the cause.


The team listed first on the schedule will be the home team. If there is a conflict of jersey colors, the responsibility for changing jerseys falls on the home team. It is recommended that all teams have an alternate jersey. 



Players and coaches must position themselves on one side of the field (as designated). Spectators should remain on the opposite side of the field. Only individuals listed on the official tournament roster are allowed on the team's side of the field, with a maximum of three coaches/trainers. 



All games will follow the FIFA Laws of the Game and the Washington Youth Soccer Operating Document Rules of Competition, adapted for the 4v4 format. Modifications to the rules include:

  • Kick-Ins: Throw-ins are replaced with kick-ins from the sideline. Scoring directly from a kick-in is not allowed.

  • Offside: Offside rules do not apply.

  • Free Kicks: All fouls result in an indirect free kick. Direct free kicks and penalty kicks are not permitted.

  • No Heading 

  • No goalkeepers

  • Slide tackles are not permitted.

  • Maximum Goal Rule: If a team scores 10 goals, the game ends, and the score stands, even if the score is 10-9.

  • Goal Box Rule: The goal box measures 10 feet in width and 6 feet in depth. No ball contact is allowed within the goal box. Players may pass or run through the goal box, but ball contact is prohibited. Contact within the goal box by the defending team results in a goal for the attacking team. Contact within the goal box by the attacking team leads to an indirect free kick for the defending team at the center line. If the ball comes to a full stop within the goal box, a goal kick is awarded to the defending team.

  • Goal Kick: Goal kicks must be placed within 2 yards of the goal. This is the only exception to the Goal Box Rule. The ball must exit the goal box before any player can engage with it. Contact by any player before the ball leaves the goal box triggers the Goal Box Rule.

  • Golden Goal: In case of a draw during a Finals match, play will proceed in 5-minute segments until a goal is scored. The match ends immediately upon a goal being scored.


Each game observes a halftime of two (2) minutes. No overtime will be played.


With the referee's approval, either team can make unlimited substitutions during any break in play. 



Uniforms should have matching shirt colors. While numbers are recommended, they are not mandatory. Equipment that poses a risk to other players is prohibited. Casts made from rigid materials are acceptable if properly padded, at the referee's discretion. All equipment must be approved by the referee. Jewelry, including earrings, nose rings, body rings, bracelets, and necklaces, is not allowed. Taping of jewelry is prohibited, except for medical bracelets, which can be taped. Hair accessories must be made of soft and pliable materials.


This tournament uses a ten-point scoring system.

Result Points

Win - 6 points

Draw - 3 points

Loss - 0 points

Goals 1 point per goal; up to 3 maximum

Shutout 1 point for holding the opponent scoreless

TIE-BREAKERS  In case of a tie in team point totals, the following tie-breaking system applies.

  1. Head-to-head competition

  2. Goal differential in all games 

  3. Goals Against

  4. Goals For

  5. Coin flip 



A minimum of three games, plus finals, is guaranteed. The championship match will feature the top two teams.  If necessary to meet the minimum game requirement, consolation friendlies may be organized. Depending on the number of entries, multiple divisions might exist within any age group. 


Referees will submit match score after each match. 



Teams failing to field a minimum of four (4) players within 5 minutes of the scheduled start time will forfeit the match, resulting in a 0-1 loss for the non-compliant team.


In cases where the game officials deem it necessary to stop play due to misconduct from coaches, players, spectators, etc., the offending team will be penalized with a 0-3 loss. If the referee cannot determine the specific offending team, it will be up to the competition director to find a solution.


No protests will be considered, and referee decisions will be final. While referee mistakes can occur, in the interest of the tournament, calls made by the referee staff during games will not be contested or reversed. 


Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players, parents, and spectators. Failure to control any party could lead to match forfeiture and possible additional sanctions.

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