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Player Pathway

United Sports FC is proud to provide a platform that suits various playing abilities. Whether you're new to the game or aiming for college or even pro soccer, our pathway is  for fostering burgeoning talent, instilling discipline, and forging unforgetable memories.

USFC is a US Club Soccer member with access to top level competition such as the Washington Premier League Super League, the NPL Finals, and US Club Soccer National Cup. 

Team Approach

United Sports FC's approach to youth soccer distinguishes itself from other clubs in that our club focus's on the team. We believe that it is important that each player's youth soccer experience should go beyond the pitch. We are dedicated to creating an environment where players can achieve success together, building strong team bonds by recognizing each person's strengths and areas to improve.

Each team has to earn their privileges together. For example, if there are 2 teams in an age group the top team is not automatically the Gold team. The team will be placed according to their ability. Once they achieve league success, they then earn the privilege of moving up a color (level) and gaining more competition such as farther tournaments and higher league play.

Through the implementation of this player pathway, our teams emulate real-life scenarios preparing our players for life off of the pitch. This experience not only fosters effective teamwork but also instills the values of setting and achieving goals, all while celebrating collective accomplishments as a team that is UNITED

1st Team - Gold 

  • 1st or 2nd division (Super League for U11 and up)

  • Travel Tournaments

  • Training 3 days per week

2nd Team - Navy ​

  • 3rd or 4th Division 

  • Travel Tournaments within state and neighboring state(s)

  • Training 2 days per week

3rd Team - Black

  • 5th Division and below

  • Travel Tournaments within state

  • Training 2 days per week

4th Team - White​

  • 6th Division or below Black team

  • Local Tournaments only

  • Training 2 days per week

U6 and U7

U8 to U10


U11 and U12

U13 and Up

After Youth Soccer

Our U6 and U7 soccer teams are made up of energetic young athletes who are just starting their soccer journey. Through fun drills, games, and small tournaments, these budding players develop camaraderie, confidence, and the basics of soccer. They also learn important values like sportsmanship and discipline, setting the foundation for their future in soccer. This stage marks the beginning of their exciting soccer journey filled with potential and growth.

Our U8 to U10 soccer teams are entering the world of competitive organized soccer, often with friends who might be new to the sport. We work on improving basic soccer techniques, refining ball control, and introducing game strategies. This phase is a crucial step from introductory play to a more focused and structured environment.


Beyond soccer skills, our dev teams also learn important life skills like communication, resilience, and working together. Team camaraderie creates a supportive atmosphere where everyone's progress is celebrated and contributions are valued. This stage is a stepping stone to a more comprehensive soccer journey, setting the groundwork for continued growth and success both on and off the field.

Our dev teams play in the

Washington Premier League Development League

In our U11 and U12 soccer team our athletes are entering another important phase in their soccer journey. With the guidance of our excellent coaches, these players are dedicated to improving their skills and learning more about the game.

These teams start to learn advanced soccer strategies, refine their technical skills, and work on understanding the game more fluently. They also get to play in more competitive matches, which gives them a chance to use their growing skills in a highly competitive enviroment.

Besides the physical part of the game, our U11 and U12 players learn about sportsmanship, leadership, and not giving up. The team becomes a close-knit group where players rely on each other's strengths and weaknesses while working together toward a common goal.

U11 and U12 teams play in the Washington Premier League and can be placed in Super League, Classic, or Copa divisions. 

Our U13 and older soccer teams showcase their progress and hard work in a competitive environment matched to their team's goals. These teams mark an exciting shift to more advanced play and strategic tactics. These teams explore the finer points of the game, including advanced tactics and honing specialized skills for different positions. 

Beyond the physical aspects, our U13 and older players also cultivate traits such as leadership, sportsmanship, and determination. The team continues a tight-knit unit that enhances each player's self-assurance and passion for the sport.

U13 and up teams play in the Washington Premier League and can be placed in Super League, Classic, or Copa divisions. In addition, they can qualify for the US Club Soccer National Cup through the Washington Cup as well as the National Premier League Finals.

Our club doesn't stop caring once our players grow up. We're here to support them even after they've finished playing with us. Whether they want to play in college, join adult leagues, or even follow a pro pathway, we're here to help. We are also dedicated in helping our players get into the game though other channels such as refereeing or coaching. Our commitment to our players goes beyond the field and continues as they move forward in their soccer journey.

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