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Who Are We?

United SFC is a non profit youth soccer club based in the south bay area of Northern California. We are dedicated to developing our players as they pursue their soccer aspirations while fostering a lifelong passion for the game. 

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Mission Statement 

Our mission at United SFC is to foster personal growth, team building, and community engagement through the game of soccer. We provide a transformative experience that goes beyond the field, equipping our players with life skills, resilience, and a sense of belonging. Together, we cultivate well-rounded individuals who positively impact both the game and their community.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

United SFC is wholeheartedly committed to fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment. We cherish and embrace the diversity that each individual brings, ensuring that all players have equal opportunities to participate and flourish within our club. We prioritize cultivating a strong sense of belonging, fostering teamwork, respect, and kindness among our members. Together, we cultivate a club where diversity is joyfully celebrated, equity is steadfastly upheld, and inclusion forms the very bedrock of our foundation.


Greivin Pacheco

Director of Operations, United Sports FC NorCal


He hails from Costa Rica, he came to the United States in 2010. He has been playing soccer since he was very young, participating at all levels: high school varsity, community college, and both semi-professional and professional programs. He retired from the Costa Rican National Beach Soccer Team in 2023 and has participated in multiple FIFA World Cup qualifiers, including the FIFA World Cup in Dubai in 2009 and in Portugal in 2015. In Costa Rica, he played 11-a-side soccer from U15 to U19.


He also spent two years at Ohlone College, where he added unique experiences to his playing career. At Ohlone, he was the captain for two seasons and was recognized on the First Team in All Conferences, Best Conference Forward of the Year, and Best Forward of the Year in all states.


Currently, he is working as a Director and soccer coach while continuing his studies in Kinesiology. He holds a degree in Child Psychology and a professional degree in Fitness Training.

Yong Yin

Technical Director Yin Yong is a former player for the Chinese National Youth Team and a professional athlete in the Chinese Super League. He has an extensive background in football and previously served as a coach for the Shenyang Youth Football Team and the youth football team of the Liaoning Football Club.

He holds an AFC (Asian Football Confederation) A license, and is a former coach in the Chinese Super League. With a wealth of experience both as a player and coach, Yin Yong contributes valuable expertise to United SFC.


Guangning Wang

Guang ning Wang played for Shenyang FCin 1989 and proudly served until his retirement in December 2001. During his tenure with the team, he had the honor of captaining the Shenyang Sea Lions from 1998 to 2000 and subsequently played for the Shenyang Golden Goal Football Team in 2001.

His journey in football continued into coaching as he took on the role of coaching players born in 1987 at the Shenyang Golden Goal Football Club from May 2002 to May 2003. During this period, his team achieved significant success, securing the championship in the National Urban Games preliminary rounds and advancing to the quarterfinals.

Continuing his commitment to coaching, he served as a coach for the Shenyang Golden Goal Team from May 2003 to November 2007.  A notable achievements is securing the 5th place in the 2004 Chinese Football Super League.

Expanding his horizons, he transitioned into academia, taking up a teaching position at Shenyang Jianzhu University Urban Construction College from January 2007 to October 2011. In this role, he had the privilege of guiding students to success as he clinched the championship in the Shenyang City University Student League for three consecutive years in 2008, 2009, and 2010.

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